About Us

Nextage Group was a dealer of used and new cars for Domestic and Imported vehicles.

Nextage specialize in the Subaru brand. Select 100 operated mostly for Domestic. specialize in mostly Japanese local vehicle. Auto Stage was honored to handle top class of import RV vehicle. We manage to fulfill customer requirement and confident on our merchandise accordingly to the expansion brand distributor. The Company's philosophy is to offer genuinely independent advice to our customers, serving their long term needs by ensuring that any purchase is the result of a carefully conducted decision process. We try our best to provide the high level of service which meets our customer's expectation and satisfaction.

Nextage Company Ltd. was established from 1998 and confidence to produce a high quality cars, timely delivery and quick responds. We were the biggest car dealer in the Tokai region (Aichi, Mie, Gifu prefecture) with 15 branches and more than 150 employees.

Ours project on 2009 is to start exporting used Japanese cars to worldwide and the english website will start running from January 2009. We provide all kinds of used and new cars. Holding more than 1800 vehicle for domestic and overseas markets. As we are professionals with extensive understanding and know-how relating to vehicles, we can confidently provide you with the best service and quality.

If any other information is needed, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to establishing business relationship with you in the near future.

Business Development
Established in Owariasahi and started selling imported cars. In the same year, we are well-known as Volvo specialist in Tokai region and expanding the business extremely fast.

Established Auto Stage Ltd. and known as the first imported America RV vehicle specialist in Tokai region.

Opened a 2,310m2 exhibition showroom for imported America RV vehicle and having great attention from the same field members.

Established Nextage Co., Ltd. to deal in Domestic used cars business. Re-constructed Owariasahi showroom into Domestic RV specialist shop.

Opened a new shop in Kasugai [Nextage Kasugai] that specializes in Subaru vehicles.

Transformed from Auto Stage Ltd. To Auto Stage Co., Ltd. through increased capital became a Joint Stock Company.

Opened a new shop in Okazaki [Nextage Okazaki] that specializes in Subaru vehicles.

Opened a metal plate painting [BP Centre] contract workshop at Nishi Kasugai.

Opened a new shop in Nagoya [Nextage Nakagawa] that specializes in Subaru vehicles. The first 2 floors showroom built for used cars business in Tokai region.

Opened a new shop in Gifu [Nextage Gifu] that specializes in Subaru vehicles.
Opened a Select shop of vehicle [Select 100 Kasugai] in Kasugai city.

Opened a Select shop of vehicle [Select 100 Nisshin] in Nisshin city.
Auto Stage Co., Ltd and Nextage Co., Ltd have been merged into new names Nextage Company.

Established Main Office at Meito, Nagoya city to concentrate on administration.

The expansion of Nextage Group stock, a Stock Yard opened at Tokai city.

The whole Nagoya Auto Stage showroom re-constructed for re-new opening.

Opened a Select shop of vehicle [Select 100 Okazaki] in Okazaki city.

Opened a new shop in Nagoya [Nextage Tenpaku] that specializes in Subaru vehicles.
Opened a Select shop of vehicle [Select 100 Tenpaku] in Nagoya city.

Opened a new shop in Tenpaku, Nagoya city [Selected re-purchase centre] that specializes in re-purchase used vehicles
Opened a new shop in Suzuka, Mie [Nextage Suzuka] that specializes in Subaru vehicles.

Opened a new shop in Nagoya [Auto Stage Nagoya BMW Showroom] that specializes in Imported vehicles.

Opened a new shop in Ibaraki, Osaka [Nextage Osaka Ibaraki] that specializes in Subaru vehicles.

Opened a Select shop of vehicle [Select 100 Gifu] in Gifu city.

Company Profile
Company name:
Nextage Company Ltd.

Seiji Hirota

Main Office:
Nisshin City

25-1, Neura, Iwasaki-cho, Nisshin City, Aichi 470-0131 JAPAN

Tel: +81-50-3785-6300 Fax: +81-52-932-6030

USD 1.6 Million

Settlement period:
Every End of November (once a year)

Risona Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, Juroku Bank, Aoizora Bank, Iyo Bank, Shoko Chukin and Tono Shinyo Kinko

Yearly turnover:
year 2003 - USD 4.4 Million
year 2004 - USD 6.6 Million
year 2005 - USD 7.7 Million
year 2006 - USD 8.8 Million
year 2007 - USD 11.3 Million